Music for Advertising

You've sung these hits, whether you know it or not. Libman Music has composed and arranged some of the most memorable music in advertising. Listen - how many of Paul's Greatest Hits can you remember?

Here are some of Paul's most memorable original advertising tunes.

Here are a few more original advertising tunes.

If you haven't heard Paul's song for Keebler Club Crackers' new Join The Club TV spot, then you're not watching nearly enough television.

Paul lent a huge helping hand to Hamburger Helper. He put together this sampler of his arrangements of his well-known original.

Paul does quite a bit of Latin music , too. Here are three recent spots for Coca-Cola: a salsa track, a merengue spot and a pretty bolero.

Here's Paul's annoying theme song for Jim Nayder's NPR mainstay, The Annoying Music Show.

Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls, a nationally televised home improvement show, called on Paul for this catchy theme song.